Tuesday was planting day in Boissevain as workers spread out across the community to get plants into the ground and planters.

Every year volunteers do their part to enhance the town’s beauty.

Head of Council for Boissevain-Morton Judy Swanson helps coordinate the workers and she was pleased with Tuesday’s turnout. “Planting day is always a fun day and this year is exceptionally fun because we don’t have one but two classrooms of students from Boissevain School and that’s the Grade 1 and Grade 5’s. Nothing better than getting volunteers started out early in life and they’ve been a great help and of course we also have our regular volunteers.”

Beautification has always been something Boissevain takes pride in and it’s something Judy Swanson hopes continues with area residents.

“It’s really important because you have to be proud of your community and one of the ways is to have a beautiful community. This is the way you start it with young people so they realize it just doesn’t happen and people volunteer and take time to make the community what it is.”

Throughout Tuesday about a dozen volunteers along with the students spread out across the town to do some planting.

“Planting day is in our budget but you have to look at what does it do for our community and how many people does it help to bring to town. It gives you a general feeling of I love to live in Boissevain and that has to be worth something” said Swanson.

Judy Swanson noted it isn’t getting any easier to find volunteer. “We’re getting fewer workers every year and we aren’t getting any younger. It’s difficult to find people willing to give up some time.”