A golf course at the south end of Pelican Lake has reopened.

Heavy rain at the end of May forced the closure of the Pleasant Valley Golf course.

Conditions have improved but not before the course was closed Tuesday and Wednesday because of moisture produced by the most recent Colorado low..

“We had two inches of rain and that left many low lying spots under water. However conditions have improved and the water had receded” said owner Cheryl Berry.

“The creeks that meander nicely through our golf course they were very, very high but they didn’t over flow. So we closed so traffic wouldn’t go through the water and we reopened today.”

Cheryl Berry says the water has gone down substantially and golfers will be able to navigate around the course and any remaining water on the course.

“The course is super green now and we’re into the month of June and hoping for nice weather. It’s only going to get better and it will be fantastic.”