The Westman and Area Traditional Christmas Dinner has been blessing folks in the City of Brandon since 1985, coming up on 40 years with only one dinner being missed due to Covid closures.

The annual Christmas dinner has grown exponentially over the years, shares Media Relations Director, Frank McGwire.  "The demand in every community goes up year after year, depending on inflation, so when you have people having a hard time making ends meet, if they can save money in some areas of life then they do, and if it means having a free meal during Christmas, well that's part of the reason why we provide it for those who would otherwise go without."

"But the other message we like to share is that we feel nobody should be alone at Christmas," he adds. "So that's another reason why we are doing it, and fellowship too!  There are people who don't have relatives that can be in Brandon, and they find themselves alone, on of all days Christmas Day."

This year the committee will be preparing for 4,000 meals with 1000 of those being deliveries across the city.  To do this kind of community service many hands need to come together.  "Many hands make the work light," says McGwire.

"So, our event gives them an opportunity to go out and enjoy some fellowship and some entertainment while enjoying a nice meal!"

McGwire says they're welcoming volunteers to come and join them in the kitchen, serving the meals at the MNP Hall at the Keystone Centre, delivering meals to homes across the city, as well as share their talents on stage for an afternoon of entertainment.  

This year Brandon University is helping out with the food services. The kitchen staff at Harvest Hall (BU cafeteria) and Manager are helping with preparations and storage of frozen food items. "It's nice to have Harvest Hall help out. So, I've got to give a tip of the hat to JD and team there at Brandon University's Harvest Hall!"

Please listen to Frank McGwire as he shares more on the Westman and Area Traditional Christmas Dinner below.

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