Harvest is underway and farmers hope mother nature cooperates.

While some years harvesting could be nearing completion by the September long weekend this year for many producers combining has just started or is about to get underway.

Andy Neufeld farms northeast of Boissevain and he started harvesting this past weekend.

“We got a late start to seeding this year but the crops really progressed and things look great. We got lots of rain and so far we’ve experienced some pretty nice yields. It looks like it’s going to be a good crop and it’s looked that all through the summer.”

The forecast heading into the first week of September looks favourable with sunny skies and day time highs into the high 20’s and low 30’s.

“We’re aren’t that surprised by this year’s crop because every year seems to be different and we’ve experienced so many different scenarios. The crop really did catch up especially the early ones and they look great. A lot of canola is starting to get swathed and it’s nice to see the canola and beans start to mature especially now when we start to think about frost and hoping for that open fall on these late seeding years” said Neufeld.

Andy Neufeld is in the very early stages of his harvest and he says it will take another three to four weeks to get the crop in the bin

“We’ve been very fortunate here and it looks like a great crop and we’re just hoping to have the time to get it off and in good quality as well.”