The Brandon Chapter of Habitat for Humanity had a fantastic summer with participation from their building teams and their new homeowners, all participating in the construction of the two duplex build projects, to accommodate four families.

"We built 4 homes this year which is an increase from our usual 2 homes per year," shares Community Engagement Manager for Brandon, Bonnie Mills.  "Over the course of the summer we had a great response for our team builds and our women builds as well!"

Over the course of the winter, construction on the two duplex units will be more focused on the interiors.  

"So now we're focused on getting the plumbing and all the electrical completed and then we'll be on to the finishing touches," she adds.  "These houses will likely be done for the spring of 2024 and families can expect to move in anytime starting in the spring, throughout the summer and probably into the Fall.  It all depends on when they've completed their volunteer hours."

Habitat for Humanity helps families own their own home through partnership and an input of 'sweat equity' by the new homeowners, so they participate in the building of their own home.

Families apply to the Habitat for Humanity program and once families have completed the application process and have been accepted, they participate in the actual building of the home putting in 500 hours of 'sweat equity'. This can be achieved by the family themselves, as well by as friends and family members of the new homeowners.

"Once they've completed their 500 hours then the house is sold to them with $0 down and interest-free for 15 years where Habitat will hold that mortgage and their payments are based on their annual income as opposed to the value of the home," shares Mills. "So, a family that is making $32,000 a year as their gross annual income, their mortgage payments would be $720 each month."

"Those mortgage payments get updated annually as their income increases or decreases," she adds.

On November 29th, a Homeowners Information Session will be open to the public at the Brandon Neighborhood Renewal Corporation from 6pm-8pm.

Contact Bonnie Mills for more information at 204-717-0602.

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