- - - Media Release November 17th

Criminal Property Forfeiture Fund Supports Installation of CCTV Cameras

The Manitoba government has partnered with the City of Dauphin to address crime by using funds from the Criminal Property Forfeiture (CPF) Fund toward the installation of CCTV cameras on all city-owned property, Justice Minister Matt Wiebe announced today.

“Dauphin is just one of many municipalities in Manitoba using the proceeds of crime to fund local improvements,” said Wiebe. “The Criminal Property Forfeiture Act has been an invaluable tool to support local efforts to fight crime and continues to make a difference in the lives of Manitobans who are victims of crime. Our team is committed to strengthening this legislation through an unexplained wealth act.”

This latest use of funding through the act by the City of Dauphin is an effort to discourage vandalism and break-ins while adding additional tools that RCMP can use during criminal investigations. The project includes upgrading seven existing cameras to high-resolution and adding 10 high-resolution cameras.

“The funds from the forfeiture of criminal property have been put to very good use here in Dauphin as part of council’s efforts to take proactive measures to both deter and help to investigate criminal activity in our community,” said Mayor David Bosiak, City of Dauphin. “The 17 high-resolution cameras have now been installed on city-owned properties, and we anticipate they will contribute to the sense of safety and security we are working to achieve.”

“This program is a win-win. We can make communities safer while making drug traffickers and organized crime pay the price,” said Wiebe.

Since 2009, Manitoba’s criminal property forfeiture unit has operated under the authority of the Criminal Property Forfeiture Act. The act allows the CPF director to start forfeiture proceedings against property believed to be the proceeds or instruments of unlawful activity.