There are significant challenges and emerging needs in public safety. Numerous reviews and community expectations have called for a shift in the competencies and training required of all public safety personnel.

The Manitoba Public Safety Training Strategy Committee is engaging communities across the province through virtual and in-person community forums to seek input on the development of the provincial public safety training strategy.

The Manitoba Public Safety Training Strategy Committee, chaired by former Winnipeg Police Service Chief and president of Clunis Consulting, Devon Clunis, was established as a diverse advisory body, representative of public safety personnel, government, academia, and community, responsible for overseeing the development of a provincial Public Safety Training Strategy to enhance excellence in public safety training.

The Committee brings an inclusive, compassionate, diverse, and culturally responsive perspective to the requirements of provincial public safety training and is informed by four work groups and the services of MNP to provide holistic support to the project.

When complete, the Training Strategy will be presented to the Government of Manitoba for consideration.

Community Input Forum

There will be brief, high-level overview of the current state of public safety training, followed by a discussion of what future training should include to meet community needs and expectations.

The facilitated discussion will focus on the following four areas:

  • 1. Curricula (e.g., are there topics that should be added to current training?)
  • 2. Delivery (e.g., what training delivery methods can be optimized?)
  • 3. Facilities (e.g., where can training be delivered from?)
  • 4. Strategic Partnerships (e.g., are there partners who should be invited to help enhance ongoing development and delivery of training?)

How do I attend?

Please confirm your attendance by email to and indicate your community.

Your participation is invaluable to ensure this is a collaborative effort between the community and public safety partners

Date: Tuesday November 14th

Time: 6:30pm – 8:00pm

Location: Virtual Meeting via Zoom

Zoom Link:

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