A family from Boissevain continues to use a pumpkin sale to raise money for local charities.

About six years ago Paul Bell's family started raising pumpkins as a friendly family contest to see who could raise the biggest pumpkins and it has grown into a community fund raising event.

“A few years ago we found some giant pumpkin seeds and he gave us some seeds and whoever grows the largest one would get a special Christmas gift. It’s really taken off and grown into a fun family event. We end up with more pumpkins that a family needs so we just donate them back into the community and ask for donations to give back to the community” said Paul Bells daughter Jess Cochran.

The family has decided which charity will benefit for 2022 but a decision is expected by mid October. “We’ve managed to raise anywhere from $300 to $3,000 as it depends on the growing season and what’s available.”

“This year’s crop is really good and there are tons of pumpkins with over 20 different varieties. If anyone would like some they are available at the farm which is located south of Boissevain at the corner of Highways 3 and 10. Just go a quarter mile west towards Deloraine and it’s on the south side of the road. There’s a drop box to leave a donation there” said Jess Cochran.

Pumpkins are also available at Stead’s Farm Supply in Boissevain.