The Rotary Club of Brandon #1344 hosts two major book sales each year, in spring and in the Fall season. However, club member, Don Partrick, has been a member since the late 1990's.  He says there are thousands of volunteer hours that go into collecting, documenting and then setting up for each of those book sales.

The Rotary Club book sales raise money for the club as they give it back into the community through various projects and organizations.

The two largest money raisers are the books sales and their wine fest.   "These fundraisers raise money for the community non-profit organizations in Westman," says Partrick.

The past September book sale averaged 75,000 books in the room at the Victoria Inn, and book subjects range from westerns to war to romance to history!

"It can be a bit of a treasure hunt to be sure, but there are thousands of books on display!  It's a lot of work, but people don't realize the amount of work.  The book sale committee is sorting books 4 days each week all year round just to keep on top of the receipting of the books that come in.  We don't accept encyclopedias anymore, but we take everything else!"

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