What has 22 seats, 20 paddles, a drum and someone with a commanding voice?  A dragon boat team!

The Turtle Mountain Torrents have been paddling their way across Killarney Lake now going into their 3rd summer - and totally in sync!

On Saturday, June 8th, the Torrents will be hosting their first dragon boat competition at their home stomping grounds at Killarney Lake. Launch off is at Erin Park, this to raise money - and to raise awareness - of breast cancer.

"This is a fundraiser, and any way people would like to help us out would be great," says Killarney's Torrent's coach, Pauline Bruce. "We would like a sponsor because we don't have one yet, but really any donation would be helpful.  We have a family in mind who we would like to help out, but if they don't want it then we'll pass the money on to the Breast Cancer Association."

Three teams will be competing with two boats, so yes two teams at a time will be racing to the finish line.  

Members of the Minnedosa's Waves of Hope Dragon Boat Team and the Brandon Blades will be the Torrent's contenders.

​One boat holds 22 people; including both active paddlers (breast cancer survivors) and a support team (that may or may not be survivors). A full crew of our dragon boat team is 20 paddlers, one steersperson and one drummer.  Most teams have a combination of either cancer survivors or has someone they know who has had cancer.

The dragon boat racing was formed to help fight breast cancer, explains Bruce. "A lot of breast cancer survivors are on teams.  We just go out and have a lot of fun and then we go out and do races."

Bruce says it takes a lot of coordination for 40 hands to be paddling all at the same time, but the seats aren't quite full.  Last year they had 17 ladies participate, no men last year but they're hoping there will be some fellows joining this year's team.  "This year it looks like we'll be an all-ladies team again but Hey men, come on out! Show us what you got!"

Bruce says they'd gladly welcome teenagers as this is definitely a team sport where fun is a huge part of the program.  Teenagers 14 years old and up are welcome to join.

The Turtle Mountain Torrents practice each week (weather permitting) on Tuesday evenings on Killarney Lake, meeting at 6:15 pm and they're on the water by 6:30 pm.

For folks who want to give dragon boating a try and join the paddling crew to see how it works, opportunities will be given on tournament day!  Please bring your own life jacket.

The Turtle Mountain Torrent's paddling tournament takes place on Saturday, June 8th from 10:30 am to 3:30 pm.

For more information, contact Pauline Bruce, Chair of the Turtle Mountain Torrents.

Email:   pbruce2019@outlook.com

Phone: 204-215-0102