With the summer season now officially here, the Manitoba RCMP would like to remind everyone to stay safe out on the water. For those of you who enjoy being out on a boat, paddle board, kayak, canoe, etc, please remember that water temperatures are still cold even though air temperatures are rising. Be aware of the wind and your surroundings and always wear a lifejacket or Personal Floatation Device (PFD).

On June 18, two young women, from Winnipeg, who were paddle boarding without lifejackets, had to be rescued out on Lake Manitoba after they were unable to return to shore due to the strong winds.

Thankfully they were not injured but this incident could have easily resulted in tragedy.

In partnership with the Life Saving Society, here are important safety tips:

·Wear your lifejacket

·Learn to swim

·Always swim with a buddy

·Children and non-swimmers should always be supervised around water

·Be aware of cold-water risks

·Alcohol and water don’t mix - don’t drink and swim and certainly don’t drink and drive your boat


"It is very important to wear a lifejacket. Many serious incidents that occur on our waterways are as a result of not wearing a properly fitting lifejacket or Personal Flotation Device", said Staff Sergeant Bob Chabot, Manitoba RCMP Inland Water Transport Coordinator. "When unexpected incidents occur, and a person ends up in the water, a lifejacket or PFD is your number one piece of safety equipment."