The following is the RCMP report to June 28, 2022.  This reporting period, police responded to the following calls for service.

- 9 traffic violations

- 16 provincial statute (Mental Health Act, Fire Prevention Act, Coroner's Act, 911 Act)

- 23 common police activities (alarms, suspicious persons/vehicles, assistance to general public)

- 17 crimes against property

- 5 other criminal code

- 3 crimes against persons

- 1 COVID related

- 3 drug related

- 1 traffic collision


Killarney/Boissevain/Deloraine Detachment

Please be advised that Boissevain and Deloraine Detachments do not have an administration person.  Please call Killarney Detachment to file a complaint or apply for criminal record checks. 

Call 204-523-7293 Killarney for administration requests.   The Killarney office can be contacted for criminal record checks, complaints, hit and run reports etc.  Criminal record checks may take up to 4 weeks so PLAN ACCORDINGLY.  In the event of an emergency, call 911 or 204-523-7255. 

If you need to speak with a police officer immediately or to report to police in accordance with your court ordered conditions, please call 204-523-7255. 

Just a reminder that RCMP DO NOT do child abuse and adult abuse registry checks.  RCMP is responsible for criminal record checks and vulnerable sector checks.  You require a vulnerable sector check if you are in a position of trust. You must present to the detachment when applying for a vulnerable sector check. 

Position of Trust means a paid or voluntary position dealing with vulnerable people. Vulnerable people may include children, youth, the elderly, people with physical, developmental, emotional, social, or other disabilities, people who are addicted or dependent on addictive substances, and people who have been the victim of a crime or an accident.

Applicants who require a Vulnerable Sector Check from their organization must present themselves in person and provide written consent in order for the checks to be conducted.

Proper identification must be produced and recorded on the application: a government issued photo identification for the Primary Document, and a secondary document which verifies the Primary identification.


Criminal record checks cannot be done on youth unless working in Government. It has been established that non-provincially or municipally run summer camps and pools, public/private schools including colleges/universities are not government employers. 



Police received a report of a new scam coming from scammers saying they are with Bell MTS.  Bell advised these types of frauds are new, what happens is they collect information from the customer such as; phone number, name and mailing information. Once they have the information the fraudster goes on line and orders a new phone through Bell under the victims account using the information they have acquired, which would be billed to the victim without them knowing it. Once the phone is shipped the fraudster starts calling advising the victim that "Bell" sent the wrong phone and it was to be a Samsung phone and send a new mailing slip to return the phone to a different address. The fraudster then would keep the iPhone and sell it. Do not pick up any packages that come in the mail from Bell unless you have ordered same.


June 15, 2022

Police received a report of a break and enter in Deloraine.  The matter is being investigated.

Police were asked to do a well being check in Killarney. Everyone located safe.

Police assisted with a matter under the Family Relations Act in Boissevain.

Police assisted with a matter under the Child Welfare Act in Killarney.


June 16, 2022

Police received a report of an unlicensed male driving an unregistered vehicle in Baldur.  The male was not located.  Police encourage the public to make statements in regards to such matters so that police can issue tickets to drivers.

Police received a report of theft of gas in Boissevain.  The suspect returned to pay for the gas and was deemed a mistake.

Police assisted with a matter under the Family Orders and Agreements Act in Boissevain.


June 17, 2022

Police received a report of theft of tools from a business in Killarney. The matter is under investigation.

Police received a report of a theft of bicycle.  If anyone has any strange bikes in their yard, please contact the RCMP.

Police recovered a stolen vehicle in Deloraine. The matter is under investigation.

Police received a report of a theft of vehicle in Killarney.  The vehicle was later recovered.  Matter is being investigated.


June 18, 2022

Police were called out to an assault in Killarney. The complainant advised they did not want to pursue charges.


June 20, 2022

Police received a report of suspicious people on Mountain Avenue in Killarney. No one located by police.

Police received a report of mischief in Ninette. Matter is being investigated.

Police received a report of uttering threats in Hartney. The matter was resolved.

Police received a report of mischief at Rock Lake. Matter is under investigation.


June 21, 2022

Police received a report of disturbing the peace. The matter was resolved.

Police received a report of an abandoned vehicle in the RM of Prairie Lakes. The lights were on and airbags had been deployed. Police attended and the registered owner was contacted and advised the driver was fine and the vehicle would be towed.

Police received a report of a suspicious person in Boissevain. The male was located and all was well.

Police received a report of an abandoned house in Killarney with the back door wide open. Police attended and the house had been entered and some damage done. 

Police received a report of mischief in Killarney. The matter was unfounded.

Police received a report of a female jumping in front of a vehicle in Killarney.  Police located the female, who was intoxicated and given a ride home.


June 22, 2022

Police received a report of breach of peace in Killarney.  An argument had taken place and the complainant was looking for police to attend and settle down the argument.  When police arrived, the argument had already calmed down and the male and female were separated. 

Police received a report of a disturbance in Killarney.  Police advised the complainant to call police if the suspects returned.

Police received a report of a harassing communications in Killarney.  The matter was unfounded.

Police received a report of breach of peace in Killarney.  The matter was resolved.


June 23, 2022

Police received a report of theft of fuel in the RM of Argyle. There was insufficient evidence to proceed.

Police were dispatched to do a well being check on a female in Killarney.  Everyone located safe.

Police located a Dodge Ram truck at the Deloraine Gas bar parking lot with BC plates, rear window completely obstructed by cardboard. The vehicle owner arrived as police were checking the plate. The vehicle registration was inactive as well as the drivers license of the driver. The male driver was arrested on a warrant out of Ontario. The warrant was not extended to Manitoba and the driver was issued tickets for driving without motor vehicle liability and the vehicle was towed.


June 24, 2022

Police were dispatched through 911  at 1:40 a.m. of a suspicious male walking around Killarney possibly intoxicated near the Co-op and he appeared to be heading towards Killarney School. The caller stated the male may of had a weapon on him as the caller could see something sticking out of his pocket but wasn't sure. Police made extensive patrols of Killarney but the male was not located.

Police assisted with a matter under the Child Welfare Act in Killarney.

The social insurance scam is still alive and well.  Never give out any personal information to a caller unless you initiated the call.


June 25, 2022

Police received a report of fail to comply with an undertaking in Boissevain.  The matter was unfounded.

Police received a report of a suspicious male walking and possibly drinking near Broadway Ave in Killarney. Police made patrols and male was identified and advised he was walking towards his residence on Young Street drinking beer. The male was educated on consuming liquor in public who apologized for not knowing the rules, same was given a warning under Section 57(1) LGCCA for consuming liquor in public place.


June 26, 2022

Police received a report that an unknown male was picked up at the intersection of 18 and 23 north of Killarney. A description was given to police. When the subject got into the vehicle he had with him a bottle of rum and smelled of liquor. The male was dropped off in Ninette. Police arrived on scene and saw the vehicle entry point, no attempts made to stop at intersection stop sign, vehicle continued into the ditch after the juncture of 23 and 18 arriving in a pool of water air bags not deployed. Police cleared the vehicle; open liquor containers were found along with registered owners drivers license. Police called the owner, no answer, patrols made of Ninette, unable to locate. The vehicle was towed. Investigation identified the driver of the vehicle. He was issued tickets for Driving carelessly, unlawful transport of liquor and Disobeying a traffic control device.


June 27, 2022

Through 911 police responded to an unknown situation on Highway 10 and 23, Male was seen stumbling south bound on Highway 10 towards Boissevain. Unknown level of intoxication or condition of the male. The caller did not have a lot of details just that the male was wearing a reflective vest. Police made patrols of highway 10, both north and south bound, unable to locate male.

RCMP were called for an erratic driver on highway 10 that turned east onto Hammond Road in Boissevain, Beige colour truck, unknown license plate, with a gas tank on back. The truck crossed yellow line multiple times and driving on the gravel, almost getting into collisions with on-coming motorists. Unknown if impaired or distracted, no other vehicle descriptors, no suspect driver descriptors. The suspect vehicle was gone on police arrival and the complainant was updated and advised to call back if there are further details or sees same suspect vehicle.

Complaint received of dangerous driving, time delay 15 minutes.  Unknown female in car was in the right lane, while talking on her phone she made an illegal left on Fletcher and cut off the complainant at a 4 way stop sign on King street in Killarney.    Suspect was last seen going southbound on King Ave.  No members were in the area at the time.

Police arrested a male on two warrants for failing to comply with conditions after a surety was revoked in Killarney. The male was remanded into custody.

Reminder:  It is important to report ALL thefts, stolen or lost property to police in a timely fashion so that it can be followed up on by police. 

If you have any information about these crimes or any other crimes, please contact the RCMP Office or Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-8477.



Police continue to remind residents to never provide personal information such as birth dates, SIN numbers, credit card numbers, or e-mail address to parties you do not know.  If you feel that you have been contacted by a fraudulent source, please contact police or Canadian AntiFraud Center immediately for further instructions on what you can do.  Canadian Antifraud Centre can be reached directly at 1-888-495-8501, however also report same to the local detachment.

We would like to advise that the business hours of operation at the Killarney Detachment are 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday to Friday.  THERE ARE NO ADMINISTRATION HOURS AT BOISSEVAIN OR DELORAINE.

RCMP WOULD LIKE TO REMIND THE PUBLIC TO USE THE POLICE EMERGENCY LINE FOR YOUR LOCAL OFFICE (204) 523-7255 or 911.  The administration line may not be checked until the following day or possibly the Monday following a weekend.  Members may be in another community or on the road. 

DO NOT LEAVE A MESSAGE IF YOU REQUIRE IMMEDIATE POLICE ASSISTANCE, YOU MUST DIAL 204-523-7255 (Killarney), 204-534-7261 (Boissevain), 204-747-2575 (Deloraine) OR 911 TO HAVE A POLICE OFFICER RESPOND TO YOU.  This will dispatch an officer without dispatching ambulance and fire unless required.