The following is the RCMP report to November 23, 2021.  This reporting period, police responded to the following calls for service.

- 8 traffic violations

- 6 provincial statute (Mental Health Act, Fire Prevention Act, Coroner's Act, 911 Act)

- 9 common police activities (alarms, suspicious persons/vehicles, assistance to general public)

- 7 crimes against property

- 2 other criminal code

- 1 traffic accidents

- 1 drug enforcement


We request that you contact each detachment at 204-523-7293 (Killarney), 204-534-7262 (Boissevain) and 204-747-2810 (Deloraine) to make your inquiries or file a report.  Leave a message if needed. 

If you need to speak with a police officer immediately or to report to police in accordance with your court ordered conditions, please call 204-523-7255. 

Killarney/Boissevain Detachment

Call 204-523-7293 (Killarney) and 204-534-7262 (Boissevain)  and someone inside will answer your call.  You may need to leave a message.  If it is an emergency call 911 or 204-523-7255.  Please call 204-523-7293 (Killarney- admin line) or 204-534-7262 (Boissevain-admin line) to file a complaint, file a hit and run report, or apply for a criminal record check. 

Use of 911 and local dispatch lines

Police would like to remind the public about the proper use of emergency lines.  Never call a members cell phone or the administration line in the event of an emergency which includes Mental Health issues, any health issue, any violence issues.  PLEASE DO NOT BE AFRAID TO CALL 911 OR OUR LOCAL EMERGENCY LINE 204-523-7255 for help. These numbers are here to help people in the event of a crisis or other activity.  This is never a "bother" for police or dispatchers.  We want to get you the help you need - even if you don't feel like it's a "big deal" - if you need police, please call!!

Police would like to remind the public to stay off the lake as the ice is not thick enough yet for any activities!!!  Please do not put yourself or first responders at risk. 

November 16, 2021

Police received a report of an abandoned vehicle near Lake Metigoshe.  The registered owner was contacted and advised they had an outstanding warrant from another police service.  They were arrested and released on an appearance notice to attend court.

Police received a report of a historical theft of a vehicle in Boissevain.  The matter was deemed civil.

November 17, 2021

Police assisted with a matter under the Mental Health Act in Boissevain.

Police received a report of failure to comply with a court order in Boissevain.  There was insufficient evidence to proceed.

November 18, 2021

Police received a report of an  attempted theft of fuel on their property in the Deloraine-Winchester area at 3:30am. The suspect was driving a white Chevy exited the truck and departed. Appeared to have a box full of items.  The matter is under investigation.

Police received a report of a vehicle passing a school bus on Highway 3.  The matter is being investigated.

Police received a report of two kids crossing the ice from Kerry Park campground towards Water Street in Killarney and the caller was concerned for their safety.

November 19, 2021

Police received a report of breach of peace in Killarney.  Police attended and spoke with both parties  separately. No violence reported. Both parties separated for the night. 

RCMP received a call of a theft at a rural property in the RM of Deloraine Winchester. Several items stolen and the matter is under investigation.

Police received another report of kids walking on the ice of the lake.  Police contacted the school to make an announcement to the students to stay off the ice.

Police received another report of breach of peace in Killarney.  Police drove one of the people to stay with family.

November 22, 2021

Police received a report of mischief in the Killarney-Turtle Mountain area.  The matter is under investigation.

Police were dispatched to do a well being check on a male walking on the highway (not dressed for the weather) near Holmfield corner.  Police attended and transported the male to where he was staying.

Police were dispatched to the port of entry and Lena when a semi didn't stop at the port.  Police located the semi and the driver indicated he never noticed the border.  He was sent back to the border.

Police assisted with a matter under the Child Welfare Act in Deloraine.

Police received a report of a suspicious person in Killarney.  Police located the person and nothing suspicious taken place.

If you have any information about these crimes or any other crimes, please contact the RCMP Office or Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

There will be a new process for criminal record checks.  Please call either Killarney (204) 523-7293 or Boissevain/Deloraine (204) 534-7262 and provide your e-mail address and phone number.  The criminal record check forms will be emailed to you to be filled out.  Complete and return by mail with a $10 money order made out to the Receiver-General; or a letter stating you are a volunteer.  The mailing address for Killarney RCMP is Box 490, Killarney, MB  R0K 1G0 and Boissevain RCMP is Box 25, Boissevain, MB R0K 0E0.  


Police continue to remind residents to never provide personal information such as birth dates, SIN numbers, credit card numbers, or e-mail address to parties you do not know.  If you feel that you have been contacted by a fraudulent source, please contact police or Phone Busters Fraud Center immediately for further instructions on what you can do.  Phone Busters can be reached directly at 1-888-495-8501, however also report same to the local detachment.

We would like to advise that the business hours of operation at the Killarney Detachment are 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday to Friday. 

Boissevain RCMP will be open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

RCMP WOULD LIKE TO REMIND THE PUBLIC TO USE THE POLICE EMERGENCY LINE FOR YOUR LOCAL OFFICE (204) 523-7255 or 911.  The administration line may not be checked until the following day or possibly the Monday following a weekend.  Members may be in another community or on the road. 

DO NOT LEAVE A MESSAGE IF YOU REQUIRE IMMEDIATE POLICE ASSISTANCE, YOU MUST DIAL 204-523-7255 (Killarney), 204-534-7261 (Boissevain), 204-747-2575 (Deloraine) OR 911 TO HAVE A POLICE OFFICER RESPOND TO YOU.  This will dispatch an officer without dispatching ambulance and fire unless required.