An ongoing police investigation is looking into break, enter and some thefts involving a number of vehicles in Southwestern Manitoba.

Turtle Mountain RCMP received several reports of break and enters to vehicles in the Boissevain and Waskada regions.

Corporal Murray Haggerty says about half a dozen vehicles were broken into. “We’re still gathering evidence and information but we believe all the incidents are tied together.”

“The vast majority of break-ins were into vehicles. I’d say those vehicles were unsecured or basically unlocked and that’s how the suspects were able to gain entry into those vehicles.

Police would like to remind the public that it's not like the good old days when you could leave your vehicle unlocked with the keys in it. Please lock your vehicles/garages/houses and keep keys inside your residence.

“Keep valuables out of sight because they were able to take change or any other items they could get their hands on in these vehicles.”

“Most people are locking up which is a good thing but just a reminder to area residents but double check your locks before going to bed at night” said Corporal Murray Haggerty.