Community Futures Westman is hosting motivational speaker for Economic Development stakeholders, Peter Kenyon, on Monday, June 10th.

The Theme:  "Re-Inventing Our Small Rural Towns - Lessons From Down Under”

Kenyon hails from Australia and has had a background as a youth worker, teacher, youth education officer, tertiary lecturer, farmer, small business operator and senior public servant. His employment experiences have included Director of Employment in Western Australia, Manager of the Community Employment Development Unit in New Zealand, Coordinator of the Natal KwaZulu Job Creation and Enterprise Strategy in South Africa and international youth and employment adviser to 26 countries.

"Some people call Peter a Community Development guru," shares Wendy Petersen, Community Development Analyst with Community Futures Westman.  "He has travelled all over the world working with community development, helping all kinds of communities and organizations see potential in community development."

Petersen says Peter Kenyon was in the country, speaking in Toronto, when they signed him on to travel to Brandon to share his wealth of knowledge here in the Westman Region.

Kenyon is motivated by the desire to help create caring, healthy, inclusive, connected and enterprising communities, where all community members feel ‘they matter, belong and can contribute’, and where communities discover and mobilize their strengths and transform themselves, states Petersen.

Topics of Discussion include: "How Well are We Doing?” - “Creating WOW Factor in Rural Communities” - “Involving Younger Generations as Partners in Development" and “Getting the Tills Ringing in Local Businesses"

"Re-Inventing Our Small Rural Towns - Lessons From Down Under” takes place Monday, June 10th from 9:30 am-5:30 pm at the Riverbank Discovery Center, Brandon.

Thirty participants are able to attend and at the time of this writing there were only about ten spots left.

Please listen to more with Wendy Petersen below!

For more details and to register please visit the Community Futures Westman website HERE!

contact Wendy Petersen at:


or Call:  204-726-1513