A combination of factors resulted in a record year of sales for the Boundary Co-op.

Members gathered in mid June for the Co-op’s annual meeting.

General Manager Ryan Polnik said 2021 was a record year. “We had sales of just over $71 million so we had great support from the local community again. There’s lots of things going on with covid having a huge impact on us and lots of inflation in the market place right now and continued good support from members and good service from our staff which is a win win for everybody.”

Boundary Co-op’s previous record sales year was the previous year when sales hit $66 million.

Polnik said sales were up across the board. “Food and energy are still our two biggest commodities and they drive a big part of our sales but all department did very well.”

How things will go in 2022 is still unknown but the increased inflation is expected to generate strong sales number but Polnik says only time will tell.

Boundary has some smaller projects on the books for 2022 working on current assets, doing some renovating and getting ready for the years ahead.

The record year will result in a record payout this fall.

“We’re really excited because our allocation rates for 2021 will see us giving back just over $2 million during Co-op Week in October. Putting that money back into the community is excited and we’re glad we can do that” said Ryan Polnik.


Boundary Co-op has 180 employees and 16 retail locations.