The water level on Pelican Lake is up but hasn’t caused any property damage.

RM of Prairie Lakes Reeve Darren Seymour lives at the lake and he says levels are up but overall, the lake is in good shape. “We’re just a little bit above the operating license. They’ve had two culverts opened up for a few weeks and last week the third culvert was opened and they’re all running.”

The culverts are allowing water to flow from Pelican Lake into Lorne and Louise Lakes and down to Rock Lake.


“We’ve also been cleaning the screens and those fish screens on the culverts are supposed to keep the good fish in and the evasive species out of the lake while allowing the water to flow at a maximum.”

Darren Seymour has toured some of the lower lying areas which have cottages and so far no issues.

“The lake is in really good condition. I grew up on the lake and it didn’t bother us when the water was green, and you couldn’t see tour hand under the water. This last year with the aeration work you can jump off the back of your boat and see your feet which until recently was unheard of. The bottom of the lake is improving because when people used to take out their boat dock it was a real struggle with the mud but now the docks roll freely because the bottom of the lake seems firmer.”


Seymour thinks more oxygen is getting into the lake and is helping to decay the plant matter on the bottom.


“The fishing has been tremendous and sometimes there have been 75 or 80 trailers at the Ninette fairgrounds with people out fishing so with that part of it I know people are very happy with Pelican Lake,” said Seymour.

Growth continues around Pelican Lake but Darren Seymour there are some challenges with the increased cost to get infrastructure to locations around the lake.

“We have permits pending and some campgrounds wanting to expand. The place known as The Castle has been sold and the new owners have some exciting plans, but they just took over and they have lots of plans for that facility.”