It was a challenging year for MLA for Turtle Mountain, Doyle Piwniuk.  As Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure, it was a tough start to the year, he says.  "We had one of the worst winters especially for our winter roads.  Highway conditions were a real challenge with heavy snowfall amounts."

"And it was the second largest flood on record this past spring, especially in the Red River Valley and other parts of Manitoba.  We were kind of spared in the southwest region, so my focus was on those other areas in trying to get the different programs making sure people were compensated to help them get back to the way things were before the flood happened.  I got to work with a lot of people throughout the province that way."

"So, that was a challenge, but also the challenge in agriculture," he adds. "But we actually ended up having a very good crop year for the whole province and when we see the revenue that's going to be coming in for the province, that's going to be a very good economic boost."

"I just want to wish everyone a very, Merry Christmas and a happy New Year," shares MLA Piwniuk," and happy holiday for all our constituents in Turtle Mountain.  I'm so honored to represent you in the Manitoba Legislature throughout the year." 

"I hope everyone can get together as family," he shares.  "You know, we've had two years of covid and we're now back to normalcy and this gives us a chance to catch up with friendships and see family members that you maybe haven't been able to see in the last couple of years.  And, we can't take it for granted that we have the opportunity to visit and to share experiences.  Again, I hope everyone has a very good Christmas and a very good New Year."