The City of Brandon Parks & Recreation Services is advising that residents may apply to have a 90-metre buffer zone applied to their property during a nuisance mosquito fogging event in 2022.

Residents can have their property and an area of 90 metres on all sides of their property; the front street, side street, and rear lane excluded from the Nuisance Mosquito Fogging Program.

Residents are reminded that they must renew their buffer zone registration at the beginning of every season.

A resident’s name, address, telephone number and proof of occupancy are all required for a buffer zone application to be accepted. A medical certificate is NOT required to request a nuisance mosquito buffer zone. However, should the Province of Manitoba issue the City of Brandon an order to spray for Culex tarsalis mosquitoes, all buffer zones will not apply. The Culex tarsalis mosquito is the type of mosquito which is known to carry and transmit the West Nile virus.

To apply for a buffer zone, residents can fill out the Buffer Zone Registration Form and email the signed copy to Copies can be picked up and returned to the Parks Complex, located at 2020 McGregor Avenue.