People driving into downtown Boissevain will now notice a new sign at the corner of Mill Road and South Railway Street.

The sign is one of the final pieces of a downtown rejuvenation project costing more than $180,000. Boissevain-Morton used a number of grants to help cover the cost of the project.

Head of Council Judy Swanson likes the look of the new sign. “These things always take longer than people would like it to take but it’s worth the wait because it is absolutely beautiful. The design is interesting, nice and it’s modern looking.”

Swanson adds the sign just finishes off the project in that area.

Federal funding for this initiative is provided through the Canada Community Revitalization Fund (CCRF), which is administered in Manitoba through Prairies Economic Development Canada (PrairiesCan). The total cost of the project is $186,392, with $87,500 funded from PrairiesCan and the remainder from the Municipality and community partnerships.

“The new larger gazebo was part of the project and the new walking path as well. There were many parts to the project and we’re really glad to see it.”

The municipality hopes more people and groups will make use of the digital sign. “I’m not sure how many people look at that sign but I think it’s surprising because of the number of people who have said I really missed the sign and the information on that sign,” said Judy Swanson.

Plans are to remove the smaller gazebo and take it down to the Tommy Turtle area in the town’s south end. Swanson says final decisions have yet to be made on how to landscape the rejuvenated area.

“We’re trying to make as many places as possible where people can stop by local residents and tourists coming to town. Somewhere they can stop, get out of the car and sit and talk and visit. Tommy Turtle is always a nice place because the kids love that spot.”

New trees will be planted at the corner of Mill Road and South Railway.

“Then there’s the Purple Martin tower that was taken down. It’s supposed to be taken down and erected near the turtle statue and hopefully than can do that this fall and if not, it will be done in 2023.

The Downtown Boissevain Rejuvenation Project will transform an underutilized greenspace, at the corner of Highway #10 and main street, into an accessible community event space with a large timber-frame gazebo (24x24), a moveable stage, and seating. With the addition of a new electronic sign and repurposing the water towers into murals, this project aims to revitalize the downtown and Outdoor Art Gallery (a designated Manitoba Star Attraction).