Researchers with an interest in Canola were out in the fields this week talking with producers as part Manitoba Canola Growers Research Camp 2024.

Amy Delaquis, the Research Manager with Manitoba Canola says this is the third year that they've ran the program and this year will be touring farms in the Pembina Valley area.

"We try to get researchers that cover a good range of disciplines. So agronomy to ag biz, to end-use, soil fertility. Researchers from a lot of different areas and bring them together to have some of these conversations."

She says the research camp model is modelled off of their market development program, which used to run a harvest camp. 

"That took different chefs and nutritionists out to the farm to try to get some of that demographic more connected to the farm. So we kind of took that model, and applied it through the research side of things to make sure that research projects are coming out with more valuable results for farmers directly. And that researchers understand what farmers are dealing with."

Delaquis says the next few weeks is a critical time for canola development, with the wet weather and flea beetle issues.