The name Tycoles and baseball go hand in hand across the Westman Region, and earlier this week it was announced that the Tycoles family will be inducted into the Manitoba Baseball Hall of Fame in the Family Category.

Ross Tycoles says he wasn't just a 'baseball guy' but a 'hockey guy' too growing up in Kamsack, Saskatchewan, "but baseball for me was always a passion growing up as a kid and baseball kind of took over."

Ross moved to Reston in the 1970's and worked in the banking industry. He married Carol and they had a brief stint away, but returned to their beloved Reston community and raised their family.  However, Ross took note that there were only a couple of minor baseball teams but not really any program to speak of.  "So, we started to do senior and developed programs and diamonds and it flourished. 

'Ross was a prominent slugger who became an outstanding coach and organizer. He took the Reston Rockets from AA to AAA caliber in 2007 and eventually to two Canadian championships as Manitoba's representative. He is now chair of Baseball Manitoba's Senior Council.'

As their 2 sons, Aaron and Rory, and daughter Amy grew, and their baseball skills developed, what most families pegged as 'spring season' the Tycoles called 'baseball season'!

Needless to say, Ross Tycoles passed on his passion and commitment to the game to his children, now married adults and leaders in their own communities.

Both sons played for the Reston teams and Amy developed her own niche in the game of baseball, as scorekeeper and caller of the game.  "Later on, she was a key part of the Senior Manitoba Baseball League organizing and making sure things got done," explains Ross, "and of course Carol was always there. So, you look at the ballplayer's side of it, but you look at the family and the commitment it took to get to where we were going every weekend."

'Son Aaron was part of the Rockets in their glory years and now lives in Rivers where he has been instrumental in developing minor baseball and a new baseball complex. He served for eight years on Baseball Manitoba's Management Committee and is now President of the Westman region.'

'Second son Rory was also part of the Rockets. He was Manitoba's Senior AA Player of the Year in 2004 and AAA Player of the Year in 2012. Later he moved to Stonewall and was part of the Western Canada champion Stonewall Blue Jays in 2019. He lives in Lundar and is active in minor baseball and in building better baseball facilities.'

'Daughter Amy also now lives in Lundar where she is Vice-Principal. She was the long time Reston Rockets announcer, scorekeeper, program maker, 50/50 coordinator, and canteen coordinator. She has been announcer/statistician/scorekeeper at Nationals in Brandon and Westerns in Stonewall.'

'Meanwhile Carol has been for nearly half a century organizing lunches, cleaning uniforms, arranging car rides, and cheering for husband, children and grandchildren.' 

"For my kids, this is where the pride comes in," he shares. "They picked it up.  It's what they're doing now is what maybe makes me as happy as anything!"

There is no question why Reston’s ball field is named Tycoles Park!  

'Build it and they will come' is what comes to mind when I think of Ross' leadership and mentorship to his own family, as well as to those in their community.  "What I like to see when we drive out there is cars and baseball diamonds full of kids and players and so yes, it's always been just a passion of mine!"

Please listen to more with Ross Tycoles below!  You'll be inspired!

Ross and Carol and their three children, Aaron, Rory and Amy will be inducted into the Manitoba Baseball Hall of Fame on June 15, 2024 at the 26th Induction Banquet at Morden’s Access Event Centre.

(Family picture below submitted by the Tycoles family)

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