The Municipality of Boissevain-Morton has completed a review of recreation services and Head of Council Judy Swanson says changes are coming in 2022.

Council members along with staff conducted a comprehensive review of the recreation department to identify how the municipality could improve the delivery of services to area residents.

“The opportunity arose because a number of the previous board members had left and there were only three left. We’ve a done a review and decided the board needs to be responsible for more. Recreation belongs to the community so I think there should be more input from the community. That’s how it was set up years ago and we’re working our way back to that again.”

The municipality plans to give the new board grant money and that group will be responsible for how recreation is delivered in the community and how programs are delivered in Boissevain-Morton.

“We are trying to see if people would be interested in being part of the new restructured recreation board. It’ll be real valuable going forward” said Swanson.

The department has been renamed parks and recreation.

“It’s more than just running the rink and pool. It’s the soccer field, the parks, walking paths and bringing all types of art and recreation into the community. We want to look at how we can work with the art community in offering something for the entire community.”

The review process included looking at recreation facilities, programs, budgeting and organization structure. The new board would consist of anywhere from seven to nine members and the municipality would have two members on the board.

“Our Recreation Director Samantha Dyck will work with the new board. The board will have the responsibility of working with Sam. She’ll be working with the buildings themselves and we’re in the process right now of hiring someone to do programming, both community development and recreation in the whole community.”

Judy Swanson hopes the new board is in place and operating sometime during the next few months.