The Riverbank Discovery Centre is excited to see spring is here, as they anticipate the start to their Sawatzky Sculpture Garden that will be showcase the works of Glenboro artist, Peter Sawatzky.

Sawatzky's work is known around the world for his beautiful rendition of nature in the wild.

Executive Director for the Riverbank Discovery Centre and Brandon Tourism Dean Hammond, says provincial grant money through the Arts, Culture and Sports Community Program.

"The ultimate goal is to have 16 of Mr. Sawatzky's in a row right from the Riverbank Discovery Centre right through to 18th and Kirkcaldy.  when it's done it will be quite extensive, but happily we'll get a start this year and we'll be able to place the first piece, or pieces, this year or next year."

Seal River Crossing will be the first piece to be added to the sculpture corridor that follows the drive into the Riverbank grounds.

The Discovery Centre has two pieces already on the grounds, that being the doe and fawn piece near the outdoor stage, and the blue herons that stand on guard at the entrance into the center's building.

Please listen to more with Dean Hammond below!