The Beatles and 60's Tribute Band the Vinyl Brothers are coming to the Elgin Community Hall this Saturday night, and all are invited!

The fundraiser is to help boost the money pot for the Elgin Community Hall for general funds and to help pay for upgrades to their facility.

Community Hall Board Chair, Darrel Vodden, says Saturday night is going to be a lot of fun with this live band as everyone loves the music of the 60's, especially the Beatles, and these are pretty good!

"The Elgin Community Hall is a building that is maintained with little or no expense to the taxpayers," explains Vodden. "We put on events and rent the hall to acquire revenue in order to maintain the hall.  Part of the proceeds will go into general revenue, but at the same time we're looking at replacing badly needed chairs and restoring the front doors of the building to measure up to code."

The Elgin Community Hall encompasses a large area and is available for all types of events and fundraisers, including wedding receptions, family gatherings and social events.

"The hall committee is committed to using the hall as much as possible to host community events so that it's utilized to bring the Elgin and surrounding area together on a regular basis," shares Vodden. "But this event will bring folks in from all over, we even had folks from Virden contacting us as their teenage kids are really into the 1960's music!"

"So, if you want a great evening at very little expense to enjoy music that's well done, and they do an incredible job for a local band, c'mon out!" invites Darrel Vodden. "The doors open at 8 and the music starts at 9!  Refreshments and a light lunch will be served.  Minors are welcome!" 

When it comes to the 60's we think of Elvis Presley and the Beatles, and of course ALL the favorites from that era!

"That music is irreplicable and tends to cheer people us and makes us think of times that were a little simpler!" he adds. 

Please listen to Darren Vodden below as he shares his personal invite!

Back to the 60's Fundraiser will be held this Saturday, November 4th, at the Elgin Community Hall:  8 pm to Midnight

Tickets are $20 per person and can be purchased at the Burning Bale Restaurant in Elgin, or by contacting event committee members:

Call or text: Darrel Vodden ~ 204-724-6764
Call or text: Laura Mains ~ 204-720-5048
Call or text: Lisa Tufts ~ 204-741-2027

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