In response to Samaritan House Ministries' Safe and Warm Shelter having reached their occupancy capacity they've reached out to the Brandon Neighborhood Renewal Corporation, and the City of Brandon to create a short-term emergency sheltering plan.  

From last week Friday through to tomorrow morning, October 19th, the Brandon Neighborhood Renewal Corporation’s Blue Door Project at 31A-9th St will be utilized as a 24-hour drop-in warm up centre.  'Should the Safe and Warm Shelter be over capacity, individuals will have the option to warm themselves or seek safe shelter at the Blue Door Project.  Security will be onsite to ensure the safety of staff and those using the Blue Door,' states the recent media release.  

This short-term solution by no means solves the greater problem of addressing the long-term needs of Brandon's vulnerable population, and talks continue with local stakeholders as well as the Province.

Samaritan House Executive Director, Barbara McNish, shared the number of people who used the Safe & Warm Shelter and the Blue Door facility, reaching totals of 62 on Friday, 51 on Saturday and 53 people on Sunday.  "So, we're working with our stakeholders to find out where the gaps are and what our options are."

Please listen to more of the interview with Barbara McNish and CJRB's Betty Sawatzky.

For more information, please contact:  


Brandon Neighborhood Renewal Corporation 

Rushana Newman, Executive Director  


Florence Halcrow, Blue Door Project Coordinator  



Samaritan House Safe and Warm Shelter 

Barbra McNish, Executive Director 



City of Brandon 

Shannon Saltarelli, Community Housing & Wellness Coordinator