The Boissevain School is hosting their annual Science Fair today with Grades 1-8 showcasing their projects and presentations!

Grades 5-6 Math and Science teacher, Bob Birch, is also co-chair of the Boissevain Science Fair.  He says they're very excited to see what the students have in store for the judges, and the parents and the public later on in the day.

Presentations and judging will take place from 9:30-11 am, and then the public is invited to come and peruse the fair between 11am-1pm, "and then we'll spend some time in the afternoon with all the participants and some Science Olympics activities," shares Birch.

"As a Science teacher I think it's a really wonderful way to see kids get engaged and excited about Science," he explains. "They're self-directed projects and they get to pick the topic they want as opposed to learn what teachers are presenting to them. So, that's where we see a lot of the enthusiasm is when the students present something they're excited about and they do a good job with that."

Because of the rubric of the scoring, potentially 45 projects could go on to participate in the Western Manitoba Science Fair taking place April 9th in Brandon.

Please listen to more with Bob Birch below!