Students returned to class this past week and for a couple of Brandon students their second year studies at Brandon University saw them spending time on campus for the first time.

Orientation took place and in the crowd were Elissa Grindey and Ryanne Galiz. They spent last year doing studies online.

The second year students are thrilled to be in class for their studies and not having to go online to do their work. “I was pretty nervous coming to campus but I did all my classes today and it was really exciting to see people from my high school and lots of new people in my classes. I think It’ll be a great year.”

Grindey said doing studies online was challenging because it was hard to focus. ‘It’s nice to be back in class and I know it’ll be good for my studies.”

Ryanne Galiz loves the fact BU is right in their back yard. “I went to the orientation because everyone was invited and even some third year students haven’t been here. So it does feel like our first year.”

“We’re figuring thinks out that we thought we’d know in the first year if we were on campus but it’s okay everything will work out” said Galiz.