The owner of Southern Seeds in Minto doesn't think it's time to panic about seeding just yet.

"People are obviously starting to get a little anxious but at the same time their memories go back to the last few seasons of it being exceptionally dry," said Andrew Ayre. "We do need this moisture to replenish the reserves. Yes, seeding may be delayed. It's a long time until crop insurance deadlines. Some things may get changed, but we'll deal with that and cross that bridge when we come to it. Right now, it's a case of watch and see what happens."

Ayre says he has seen it wetter in the Minto area noting there is standing water in some fields but it's not flooding. He figures seeding is about two weeks behind at this point.

He was asked about farmers changing seeding plans.

"There's no real changes at the moment. The first thing people will look at is corn and maybe say well it's going to be too late in the season to get corn in. The longer season crops may get switched to varieties with shorter maturity dates. It's too early. Overall, the feeling is the pastures will enjoy the moisture, have moisture there to grow a crop if we get it in. We just hope that there will be a chance this month to get in the field."

Ayre says most fertilizer decisions have been made at this point, adding farmers would likely use less fertilizer as time goes by.

He hopes to see seeding going by May 25 with the majority getting done by June 1, adding it won't take long once farmers get out in the field.