The Loucks family from Melita produced their own family Christmas CD last year to preserve the family tradition of singing together, and they were quite pleased with the results, so much so that they've made it available to the public.  

Daughter, Alana Van Steelandt, shares what inspired the Loucks family CD titled, 'A Whirlwind of Christmas Memories'.

"Our family has sung together for years starting in church and then at different events around town, like the Centennial, or school reunions, talent shows, etc.  We've always liked singing together and our dad, he's 86 and he still loves to sing, and sings very well, and we just wanted to preserve our voices as keepsakes, and those stories too."

Father, Delmar Loucks, is joined by his daughters Alana, Judy Lochhead, and Lynda Loucks,  Christmas memories are shared on the CD with son, Kevin, and wife, Jean Loucks.  Son-in-law Jason Kropelin is the family's appointed director and producer.  

Jason and Lynda live in Stonewall, MB and family members took turns driving into Stonewall to record their parts with Jason early last winter.

"We were pretty happy with it, pleasantly surprised, actually," laughs Alana Van Steelandt.  "We thought that if we were able to sell some CD's then anything we made from it we could donate to a local charity in the area.  It was for fun, and we did have a lot of fun!  And through that we have a lot more respect for recording artists because there is a lot of work that goes into that!"

For more information, please contact the Loucks family members.