How much have you paid in carbon taxes for essential farming operations such as drying grain, heating barns and greenhouses, irrigating land, or preparing feed?

The Agriculture Carbon Alliance (ACA) has launched a campaign around that question asking producers to show the impact the carbon tax is having on their operations.

The '#ShowYourReceipts' encourages producers to upload their receipts showing the carbon tax portion of the bill.

The ACA website says the #ShowYourReceipts campaign is our chance to set the record straight with legislators and show the cost of the carbon tax on Canadian farmers, growers, and ranchers.

Setting the Record Straight

Ottawa is a long way from the farm gate – it’s time to bridge that gap. Let’s show Senators and Members of Parliament the real impact this tax has on your daily operations.

Over the last two months, you’ve sent over 8,000 letters to Senators and the Prime Minister’s office, now It’s time to #ShowTheReciepts. We’re seeking your crucial input.

From there, we will be compiling, analyzing, and anonymizing this data (using only your first name, province and commodities you produce) to present it directly to Senators, MPs and Ministers.

Our goal is to provide them with an exact understanding of what farmers, growers and ranchers pay and why farmers need Bill C-234 in its original form.

Among the farm groups and organizations encouraging producers to take part in the campaign is the Saskatchewan Cattlemen's Association.

CEO Grant McLellan says they feel it's important for producers to show the impact the carbon tax is actually having on their operations.

"Really it was felt even more so I would say this year. We suffered another year of significant drought and producers had to source feed from all parts of the province and from outside of the province, and that carbon tax is applied to their freight charges. So we found that it wasn't necessarily just the cost feed, that was prohibitive. It was it was getting it to the animals and the carbon tax is a huge part of that."

He notes the  #ShowYourReceipts campaign may also be coming at a good time.

"Polling information is challenging for the current party in power, and I think they may be more inclined to listen at this time.  I think really the most powerful stories are the stories of individuals and for individuals to be able to provide concrete data and information that shows just how real the cost of the carbon tax is."

You'll find the link to the ACA ' #ShowYourReceipts' campaign here.