It’s been a slow start to spring seeding but these past few weeks of warmer weather has helped to dry out the fields. 

Russel Thiessen farms in the Griswold-Oak Lake area and is thankful for the moisture, but also that he’s been able to get on his fields with the drills. 

“We’re obviously behind as far as the spring seeding goes. The delays are there but hopefully we’ll have a longer span of fall. I guess that’s about all we can hope for. But at least we’ll have a crop this year.” 

“We’re looking pretty good! Crops are looking fantastic, the ones that are in and the weeds look even better so I guess if the weeds are looking good then the ground is warm enough for them to grow.” 

For pastures and dugouts, Thiessen says the conditions are much better than what was anticipated going into last year’s fall season. 

“The heat has certainly been lacking but I think with moisture levels being the way they are over the last couple of weeks we’ll be okay going into summer here. Hay crops are growing well. Things are looking good that way and I think nothing but positive on the horizon this year.” 

“We’ve got to remain optimistic,” he adds. “It’s looking like we’re going to have a great summer. The leaves on the trees are green and we’re thankful for what we have. We’re just going to plan a normal year and see how it unfolds.”