The recent snowfall has provided a great base for snowmobilers in Southwestern Manitoba.

Last winter provided adequate snowfall for a season of enjoyable sledding and this winter is shaping up to be the same.

Allan Sampson is President of the Tri Lake Trail Busters club, and he likes how things look “It’s nice to get the snow but we didn’t need the rain that came along with it. We’ve got the groomers out and we now have more than 50 per cent of the trail system ready.”

The rain made the trails hard and icy.

“The trails around Ninette probably picked up close to 20 inches of snow and north to Wawanesa it drops to about a foot. It’s a dry snow and packs down so it makes for a great base for the trail.”

Plans are to have the entire 450 kilometres of trail system groomed and open by this weekend.

“Our trail runs from Wawanesa to Glenboro, Baldur and Glenora, Belmont and Ninette. Then down to Killarney and West to the PFRA which runs along the Canada-United States border,” said Allan Sampson.