The foundation in Souris started in 1992 and until about 10 years ago had only registered moderate growth but a lot has changed since 2012.

Foundation Chair Darryl Jackson says compared to some other communities the Souris-Glenwood Foundation is relatively young.

“We’re really taken off over the past seven or eight years. We have some new board members and we’ve done a better job of promoting the foundation and what we do. Since 2012 our bank account has gone from about $275,000 to now around $1 million.”

Jackson admits hitting the magic $1 million mark has helped the foundation with promotions and being able to get more donations.

“That was our goal to reach $1 million and now I guess our goal is to hit for $2 million. The Endow Manitoba program held every November we actually got more donations in 2021 than year year previous. The foundation awareness has really overcome any negative impact covid might have had. It hasn’t been an obstacle knock on wood and I hope it doesn’t become one either.”

In 2021 the Souris-Glenwood Foundation awarded nearly $30,000 to close to 20 community groups and projects.

“We never have a shortage of applications and I suspect it will be the same in 2022.