Souris-Glenwood will benefit from the province’s Mitigation and Preparedness program.

First introduced in 2020, the MPP opens when a disaster financial assistance (DFA) program is established for a natural disaster and the cost of the DFA program is sufficient to be eligible for federal cost-sharing arrangements.

The majority of municipalities with a claim under the 2022 Spring Flood DFA program also applied for MPP project funding, which enables municipalities to invest municipal DFA deductibles into an approved mitigation or preparedness project.

Souris-Glenwood’s deductible portion was around $21,500 and now goes into a reserve fund for future improvements of drainage systems in the municipality.

CAO Charlotte Parham says the municipality had DFA claims because of flood damage to area roads and the golf course.

“We won’t be out any money because the cost of repairing those roads is covered by the program and the deductible, we would have paid we’re getting back in the form of a grant.”


“We put the money into reserve because we haven’t decided how to allocate those funds,” said Charlotte Parham.