Peacock Days and the Souris Glenwood Fair took place this past weekend and organizers were pleased with how the collaborative effort turned out.

This was the second year for Peacock Days and a full return for a jam packed program for the Souris Glenwood fair.

Jessie Goodwill is the secretary-treasurer for the agriculture society and she said working together for one big community program has been a step in the right direction. “There’s over 16 organizations and businesses involved in hosting these events in and around the town.”

“Everyone was excited to have Peacock Days and the fair and wanted to be more involved in so we have many organizations and private individuals involved in hosting the weekend activities” said Goodwill.

The fair board has spent the past few years doing a lot of upgrades to the fair grounds. They’ve upgraded the riding arena, built a new picnic shelter, new washrooms and a new canteen and camp sites.

Bringing Peacock Days together with the fair has really helped bolster the weekend and what it offers to people coming to Souris.

“It helps a lot because last year it was going to be two separate events with peacock Days in August and our fair in July but because of covid we couldn't have our fair. Karen Kempe from Peacock Days and I had talked and said why don’t we combine and have everything on one weekend. It’s made a big difference for everyone and the community” said Jessie Goodwill.

“Last year we were busy just getting everything organized because it was the first year and this year we were run off our feet which was great” said Karen Kempe.