If you've been a fan of the SURVIVOR tv series then you know the name of the game is to Outwit, Outplay and Outlast your competitors!  The Souris SURVIVOR Curling Bonspiel is no exception!

In the past there have been up to a hundred teams take to the ice at the Souris Memorial Complex to compete and be crowned the Souris Surviving 4-some!

The organizing committee has gone back to the original plan of changing the skating arena into 6 sheets of ice, resulting in a total of 10 curling sheets.

Souris-Glenwood Mayor, Duane Davison, says the bonspiel brings out those who love to curl, and those who have never curled.  It's a week full of community spirit, joined in with folks from many surrounding communities!

"The Survivor Bonspiel has been going on since the 1999 where they did this bonspiel called the Y2K CURL Bonspiel in 2000, and it kind of just morphed into the SURVIVOR bonspiel," shares Davison. "They use the curling rink's 4 sheets of ice and then they put 6 sheets on the hockey rink.  They borrowed the rocks from the Brandon club because the Winter Fair is on at that time."

"In the past there have been people come who never curl, but they'll curl in SURVIVOR," he adds. "People come from miles around to curl and it's so much fun!  There's cowboys and hockey players and it has been a hoot over the years! So, we're hoping to get that kind of participation again."

"This has been a huge, huge event for us over the years!"

Like many other events, the pandemic put the bonspiel on pause for a few years and the committee started back up slow with using only the curling rink's ice. But this year they're going big once again."

This year's theme is Canada, eh! 

What comes to mind is all sorts of Canadian history and paraphernalia, including trappers' hats, red and white maple leaves, red and white EVERYTHING, maple syrup and bannock, moose antlers, snowshoes, blue bomber football blue and gold, HOCKEY uniforms, poutine, the Canada flag, Niagara Falls (not something you want to see on ice!) ...the list goes on and on and on....

"We're looking forward to a huge event here," adds Mayor Davison.  "It's going to be a big event for our town and we're really looking forward to it!"

The Souris Survivor Curling Bonspiel takes place March 26-31st.

Early Bird Draw register by February 14th for a chance to win back your entry fee.