What started out as a doctor recruitment committee has evolved into a medical recruitment committee to bring more medical professionals to the Souris-Glenwood municipality. This includes doctors, nurse practitioners, and lab and x-ray technicians.

Mayor Duane Davison says the committee is chaired by previous mayor Darryl Jackson, who continues to champion this effort.  The committee will be hosting a recruitment tour of 25 medical students this weekend to introduce them to the town of Souris, and their medical clinic and hospital, all in the hopes to entice some to consider moving to Sours after graduation.

"The committee is just showing them around and trying to get them thinking about small town, southwest Manitoba life!"

Davison says they're very fortunate to have three doctors and one nurse practitioner currently on staff.  "So, we're in better shape than most, but we could use one more doctor and one more nurse practitioner for sure."

"Every community is looking for doctors, and our committee itself is expanding their scope, trying to entice doctors to come to our town," shares Duane Davison. "But we've had our ER shut down in the past because of a lack of x-ray techs or lab techs or nurses at times, and we'd prefer to have more of those folks live in or around our community."

Mayor Davison says the committee has travelled to Portage to meet with medical students there," and they thought it just makes sense that the next step would be to bring them out to our area so they could see first-hand what we have to offer."

"The committee has done fantastic work over the last several years," adds Davison. "They've managed to bring a nurse practitioner to town which has been fantastic, and I believe they are responsible for bringing one of our doctors to town."

"Yes, they're a good group of people, doing good work, and we really appreciate it!"