One of the favorite fall time events in the Westman Region is the Souris Scarecrow Days which brings great fun out onto residents' front lawns and business owners' store fronts with fun-loving scarecrows!

Mia Toews is this year's event coordinator, as well as Executive Chair of the Souris-Glenwood Chamber of Commerce and has had great fun leading the team to put on a great Fall celebration!   "The event actually started 32 years ago and it's the longest-running Chamber event that we have going on!"

Scarecrow Days will begin Friday afternoon with the townwide yard sales, upon request of many folks who've called in to Toews to extend the garage sales.  "I've had people call me from BC, from Calgary, from Ontario asking me if Souris could start the yard sales on Friday, so I said, 'Let's do it!'"

Friday afternoon garage sales will run from 3-7 pm, Saturday from 9am-2pm, with Sunday as a 'Free Day' for folks to sift through items that have been left at the end of the driveways to take as they choose.

In addition to Friday evening's garage sale will be Karaoke night at the Woodfire Deli, a first time for Scarecrow Days!

Each year, the scarecrow displays follow a specific theme, and as Toews is a big Steven Spielberg fan, she's watching for characters from Jurassic Park, Jaws, Indiana Jones, ET and more grace the front yards of participants!  She has also encouraged folks to display their scarecrows as soon as possible so everyone in and about town can enjoy it.  "And we have prizes too, for people who put in a little bit of extra effort with their creativity," she adds.

Residents, businesses, schools and daycares are all encouraged to participate, with chances to win Souris bucks!

A significant addition to this year's Scarecrow Days will be the activities and events scheduled for kids.  Toews says their committee has put special attention on making it fun for kids down at the Victoria Park by the campground, as well as at the Fire Hall with all kinds of activities.  

Please listen to more of what's in store for Souris Scarecrow Days with Mia Toews below!

"Yes, this is our 32nd year of Scarecrow Days and it will be great fun," says Toews. "We want everyone to come on out and drive around to see all the scarecrows, and all the garage sales, all the events and activities, and our restaurants with their specials, and all our activities for kids at the bowl and Firehall and come and see all the good things that Souris has to offer!"

Scarecrow Days will be held in the town of Souris September 22-23 ... click HERE for more info!

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