Turtle Mountain Bible Camp is hard at work getting ready for spring clean up and summer start up!

"Right now we're in the middle of finalizing a building project for a staff house and that's coming along really well," shares camp co-director, Chelsie Zylstra.  "We're hoping to complete it by the end of April if we can get volunteers and the project wrapped up." 

"In the start of May we have our spring crews starting, but we're still needing volunteers for those roles in spring," she adds.  "We have about 2-4 people with us but we're looking for 2-4 more people to join us to help with all the prep and the grounds."

"In June we go right into our school groups and guest groups so it's looking busy and exciting and we're ready to get going with whatever team we get!"

TMBC has about 80 young people attend on a weekly basis, the heaviest number of children being in July and August.

On their wish list, Zylstra says they need a head cook for July, and they need someone to take the lead on the dining room clean up and set up.  As well they need more cabin leaders and health officers for the July and August months.

Please listen to more with Chelsie Zylstra below as she shares more on their needs at TMBC.