The spring thaw has resulted in lots of run-off and that is keeping municipal workers busy.

Doug Harper is town foreman with the Municipality of Boissevain-Morton. “We had the municipal maintainer in town for a couple of days last week cleaning off the rough spots on the streets. I see now following the weekend most streets bare. All of our drains are running but we have to keep a close watch on them until all the snow is gone.”

“We have to make sure the water can get away and other than that everything is going smoothly.”

Doug Harper says in town the best thing is a slow thaw so people don’t get flooded.

"With regards to the water treatment end of things we’d like to see a quicker melt so we get lots of runoff into the reservoir.”

Once the snow is gone the street cleaner is expected to take to the streets sometime in early April.

“Right now crews are busy with Christmas decorations being taken down because we couldn’t get to it because the snow wouldn’t stop. We’ve got that as well as maintenance at the water plant because we’ve haven’t had a chance to get at that because the snow was keeping us busy. No we have lots to do for sure” said Doug Harper.