Work is underway to improve some streets in the Town of Melita.

Mayor Bill Holden says over the past 12 to 15 years council has been focused on water and sewer work and is now looking more towards improving streets and roads in the community.

“Normally we seem to be last on the list when it comes to crews arriving in town and it’s usually late fall before things are done but not this year. Workers arrived and got down to work at the end of July which is great.”

Holden says the work will cost the municipality about $300,000.

“We generally try to get matching dollars but it can be hard to find sometimes. If you do it without matching dollars it doesn’t make sense so we go after any grants we can get.”

“We’ve been catching up with our water lines and it’s a good thing we did because water pipe and lines are hard to get with everything that’s going on” said Holden.