Families are struggling under the weight of higher taxes and federal spending, says MP for Brandon-Souris, Larry Maguire. 

Maguire says through the federal governments spending, rent, mortgage payment and down payments have doubled.  Record deficits have driven interest rates sky-high, and carbon taxes have contributed to higher prices on food, fuel and home heating. 

"Food banks received a record 2,000,000 visits in a single month last year, with a million additional people expected in 2024," adds Maguire.

“Even right here in our own backyard, the Samaritan House food bank gave out nearly 36,000 hampers last year, a dramatic increase of 12,000, which was 50% above their normal annual average. This is in line with trends across the country as families struggle to make ends meet and put food on the table," he explains.

"We're in this inflationary period because of the government spending," says Maguire, "auspices of Covid when they started out doing it but then the budgetary officer found that 40% of it had nothing to do with Covid. And now that the debt has doubled in Canada to $1.255 trillion for the first time ever from the $639 million that was in 2015."

Maguire says Canada's Prime Minister has "doubled down with $40 billion of new spending – about $2,400 in new government debt and new inflationary spending for every Canadian family. And for the first time in a generation, we're spending more on debt interest than on healthcare to Canadian provinces at $52 billion.

"The debt payment is over $54.1 billion," notes Maguire.

He adds, all of the GST Canadians pay this year will be needed to pay for the Liberal government’s interest payments on their debt.  "$54 billion is what they collect through GST and that is exactly what the debt interest is for Canada.  So, this is just not a very responsible budget.  And that's not just me saying that. The former Liberal Bank of Canada Governor David Dodge says it was the worst budget he's seen since 1982.  Even Bill Morneau, the former Finance Minister of the Liberals more recently, said it wasn't a great budget."

"According to this budget it looks like those of us on the ground, single mothers and parents, and people trying to pay for their homes and raise their families are going to be the ones to pay the taxes on this," says Maguire.

This is directly on the backs of those who are working the hardest.

"One analogy was that this wasn't a budget that gives everyone what they want, it's a budget that takes just about everything they have!"

“Struggling families can't afford higher taxes and more inflationary spending that drives up the cost of everything and keeps interest rates high," states Maguire. "That’s why Conservatives made three key demands in advance of the budget:

  • Axing the tax on farmers and food by immediately passing Bill C-234 in its original form;
  • Building homes, not bureaucracy, by requiring that cities permit 15% more home building each year as a condition for receiving federal infrastructure money; and
  • Capping spending with a dollar-for-dollar rule to bring down interest rates and inflation.

Please listen to more on each of these demands with Larry Maguire below!

“Unfortunately, Justin Trudeau refused to listen," notes Maguire. "His failure to respond to the real needs of Canadians in this budget leaves me no choice but to vote against it.

“Conservatives know there’s a better way. We want a smaller and more efficient government that restores the dream of Canada to families in Westman and across the country. It’s long past time to bring home affordability and restore common sense,” he adds.