Event planning is up and running for Boissevain's 4 months of summer!

The Boissevain-Morton municipality took into consideration what other communities are doing for Canada Day, and decided to make some changes to better adapt to their own unique list of events.

“Canada Day is going to look a little different this year from the municipal end of things. We are going to be having some cultural and a lot of children’s activities, and markets, but really a strong focus on cultural components,” explains Boissevain-Morton Executive Assistant, Melissa Perkins. “We’ve got so many different cultures in this community and we want to be able to showcase and celebrate them!” 

Festivities will take place on the Tommy the Turtle grounds next to the Wildlife Museum. Perkins says that plan is still developing, but they will be focusing on morning and afternoon activities on July 1st.   The traditional Canada Day fireworks will be used earlier in the month, during the local fair.

Perkins says they are partnering more with the Ag Society for the Boissevain Fair, scheduled for June 25-26th. “We are redirecting resources a little bit this year and so you will see this year the fireworks we would normally have on July 1st in Boissevain will now be taking place at the Ag Fair instead. And so, the fireworks are planned for Saturday, June 25th.” 

“There are some other activities that we’ll add to enhance and assist with all of the hard work and planning,” adds Perkins. “The Ag Fair sounds so great an event that we don’t want to miss this year!” 

Added to the summer line-up is the opening of Boissevain’s three museums: the Irvin Goodon Wildlife Museum, the Moncur Gallery, and Beckoning Hills Museum. Melissa Perkins is calling out to community members who might be interested in volunteering in any of the museums during the summer months. 

“We are very excited to be opening for this season, after being closed the past 2 seasons due to Covid. There is a lot of great work and preparations happening behind the scenes with some exciting new developments and collaboration planned for the season,” shares Perkins. “Therefore we invite you to attend and learn more about the plans for Boissevain’s museums this season and the various volunteer opportunities available through each."  

The community is invited to learn more by attending a Volunteer Information Meeting this evening, May 16th at the Wildlife Museum at 7:00 pm. Please see insert below!

“Please feel free to share this with anyone you know that may be interested as well,” she adds. “We would love to have you join us! And if you are not available to attend the meeting but interested in learning more please let me know and we can connect from there.” 

Planning for more upcoming community events includes the September Street Fest. Last year’s street festival was such a great success there was no question it would be on again for the summer of ‘22. As well, the Christmas community street fest is on the table again, and plans are coming together for that December celebration.   

"So, there will be more exciting events to come and check out for our locals in the coming months ahead, here in Boissevain!”