Sunrise Credit Union's Building Communities Grant Program 2024 is helping support several groups in Western Manitoba. 

Sunrise Credit Union has selected four worthwhile organizations to receive $50,000 in collective grant funding. This year 57 applicants were submitted from across southwestern Manitoba. 

The four organizations selected to receive funding include: Leda Lake Park in Erikson, Swan Lake First Nation Pow Wow Committee, Prairie Skills Inc. in Deloraine, and the Oak Lake Care Centre.  

Sunrise Credit Union has donated $25,000 in grant funding to the Leda Lake Park project. The project addresses the need for more parks and recreational spaces in Erikson. The addition of the park will not only grant residents and visitors to the area the ability to enjoy the outdoors but also promote mental and physical well-being for all. The Lookout Structure at Leda Lake Park will be named after Sunrise Credit Union in recognition of their donation to the project.  

The Prairie Skills Centre, a unique heritage building in Deloraine, is working on a project. To meet fire codes, they are adding an emergency exit from the upper level of the building. This will ensure the people's safety and allow the building to function as a community space for various events such as weddings, funerals, concerts, and meetings. Recognizing the importance of such a community space, Sunrise Credit Union has pledged $10,000 toward the construction of the emergency exit.  

The Oak Lake Care Centre is a newly constructed daycare in Oak Lake. Sunrise Credit Union's donation of $10,000 will go toward purchasing equipment, furniture, and toys required to license the new 84-space daycare. This new facility will help alleviate the shortage of daycare spots in Oak Lake and the surrounding areas, reducing long daycare waitlists. The daycare, set to open later this year, will service the RM of Sifton, Oak Lake, and the surrounding area, providing parents with a reliable childcare option and creating new job opportunities for ECEs and CCAs.  

The Swan Lake First Nation Pow Wow Committee is fundraising to make their Pow Wow grounds more accessible with a paved accessible parking area and path to the Elders' stand area. Sunrise Credit Union has donated $5,000 to this project. Creating an accessible and safe path at their Pow Wow grounds ensures that Elders and community members with mobility issues can participate in the Pow Wow and celebrate the Ojibway culture. “It is great to see so many organizations working to better our communities,” said Sunrise Credit Union President and CEO Team Klassen, “We are grateful that we can offer the Building Communities Grant Program and play a continued role in community development with our most recent donation totalling $50,000.” The Building Communities Grant Program, with its two intake periods per year, is designed to ensure a fair and structured process for all applicants. With community betterment at the forefront of the project, the new grant program ensures that every project, regardless of its scale, is given the same opportunity and platform to request funding.