Cereals Canada and the Canadian Grain Commission have assessed the quality of the new wheat crop and released a New Wheat Crop Report. 

Lisa Nemeth, Director of Market Support and Training with Cereals Canada says the information in that report is shared with our global customers. 

She says following last year's challenges with the drought, prairie farmers were able to see an increase in production for 2022 and brought in a high-quality crop.

"The quality is fantastic this year. Over 90% of the Canada Western Red Spring (CWRS) crop graded above a number two, and over 80% of the durum crop (CWAD) was greater than a number two. So high production, high quality and to top it off protein content which is higher than average. So, just an all-around very good news story for wheat production and customers around the world this year."

Over 90% of Canada Prairie Spring Red (CPSR) has graded No. 1 and No. 2, with good protein content, while 99% of Canada Eastern Soft Red Winter wheat graded No. 2 or above with consistently high falling numbers and excellent quality.

According to the report, this year, Canada grew 34.7 million tonnes of wheat, an increase of 55% from last year. 

This fall, Cereals Canada received harvest assessment samples from nine-grain exporters. 

The CGC reviewed samples provided by growers in Western Canada, while the Ontario wheat was reviewed by the Grain Farmers of Ontario.

Nemeth says they are very pleased to once again be able to send teams out in person (for the first time since 2019) to meet with international customers to talk about the quality of this year's crop.

" There's currently a group in Asia. They are visiting three countries there, Japan, Indonesia, and Bangladesh. Then there's another mission going out to South America this weekend, followed up by a mission to durum customers in North Africa, Algeria and Morocco as well as Italy in some meetings as well in the UK. Another group will head out in January to Nigeria, UAE and Singapore."

The overall goal is to reach the major export markets to be able to talk about the Canadian crop quality and answer any questions.

She says the benefit for us as an industry is to bring back information on how they use the product, providing feedback to the value chain, right down to the breeders on customer needs.

To hear Glenda-Lee's conversation with Lisa Nemeth click on the link below.