CJRB Radio was able to bless another farming family this week with the delivery of their noon harvest meal through the Meals in the Field promotion.

Kelly and Paulette Hardern farm south of Killarney and had just made their final pass and parked their trucks and combine shortly before the CJRB car pulled up to deliver their farmyard feast of chicken, sandwiches, fruit and more, compliments of Boundary Co-op Killarney.

Kelly says he was pleased with the yield of both their wheat and canola, however harvesting the canola had its share of challenges.

"We farm about 900 acres and harvest, over-all, was good, the yields were a surprise for the good," shares Hardern. "Wheat went very well, the canola harvest was not so fun. But, there was a crop and a good yield, so that made it worthwhile."

A heavy rain and wind storm in mid-summer lodged many canola crops, so straight-cutting was the harvest of choice for many. Saying that headers needed to be tight to the ground, picking up more debris than it could handle.

"It was the same problem with everybody, the crop was lodged and leaning right on the ground, making it for a very slow process.  A lot of rocks and I'm hearing a lot of combine damage," he adds.  "It was a tough year for the canola, but for us, I'm happy with the yield.  I'm hearing some are not so happy with the yield.  It all depended on when you sowed it, and who got lucky, who got the rain at the right time."

A slow start to the growing season due to a cold spring and cooler soil temperatures made for a tricky start, however in the south west the plant growth seemed to catch up nicely with the hot, dry summer.

"We're in October and a lot of guys will finish up here which is good, but if you head north in the country, they've got a lot to do yet, and that's because of the late season," notes Hardern.  "I guess the dry weather was kind of a good help, as it brought the crop in but we could have done with a bit more rain."

With the grain safely in the bins, Hardern says now they can rest for a bit, before preparing the land for the winter months.

Not long ago the Harderns had some 200 head of cattle but have downsized to 20.  So, between growing wheat, canola, doing some haying and tending to the cattle they're 'slowing down a bit' shares Kelly.  "Time to slow down and see the grand kids, and then I guess get into the Fall work and get everything put away for the winter."

Each harvest season CJRB draws 4 names from hundreds of entries to share a Meal in their field or farm, which is sponsored by community organizations who cheer on our farming families, helping us celebrate 'bringing in the sheaves'!

To those sponsors, Kelly shares his gratitude.  "Thank you very much, it was an awesome meal, and it was a lot of fun!"

CJRB's Meals in the Field Sponsors for 2022:

  • -Killarney Tire
  • -Boundary Co-op
  • -Moore's Building Centre (Killarney)
  • -G&R Electric (Killarney)
  • - Killarney Shur-Gro
  • -Centennial Farm Supply (Killarney)
  • -Springhill Lumber (Killarney)
  • -HyLIfe (Killarney)
  • -Rocky Mountain Equipment (Killarney)
  • -Rocky Mountain Equipment (Boissevain)
  • -Home Hotel (Boissevain)
  • -Pembina Co-op Minto Agro Centre & Farm Supply
  • -Southwest Agencies (Boissevain)
  • -Sunrise Credit Union (Boissevain)

The staff at CJRB Radio also thank our wonderful sponsors for helping us applaud our local farming families!