Killarney's Rippin' and Roarin' Bull Riding Event will take place Saturday evening, May 4th at the Shamrock Centre where the action in the ring is fast and furious and cowboys hang on for dear life to outlast their ride!

Co-organizer, Brian LePoudre, says the Killarney rodeo is the start to the rodeo season for many riders, riders who come from all across Canada and the US and even from as far away as Australia!

The 'long-go' starts off with about 20 bull riders and then the top half-dozen riders with the longest time in the saddle get their chance in the ring a second time for the 'short-go' and championship.  The bronc riding competition is much the same, but with fewer competitors.

Half-time features the Cowboy Calcutta where bull riders are 'auctioned off' for buyers to bid on thinking they're chosen rider will be the winner.  And of course, there is always someone in the crowd who thinks the bull will win in the end, meaning that he (the bull) will out-perform the cowboy on his back.

The calf-scramble brings the kids into the ring where youngsters from 10-15 years old try to pull the tag off the calves' backs for a monetary prize.

"This is a competitive event, and the riders use this as a start off to the season," explains LePoudre. "Our riders are from mostly Manitoba and Saskatchewan but it's hard to say exactly who will show up."

When it comes to the bulls that twist and turn, lunge and lurch, they come through a stock provider that the Killarney Ag Society works with out of Saskatchewan, Prairie Rodeo.

"They bring in all the bulls and they're trained to do what they're supposed to do," shares LePoudre. "They're trained to buck when they go and then when they get rid of their rider, they just exit out the gate.  They kind of know where they gotta' go."

The broncs are much the same, again sourced from Prairie Rodeo.

"It's a good set of stock and we're looking for some good thrills and spills!"

LePoudre has been part of the organizing committee for the full 13 years, with a brief lull due to the pandemic. All money raised goes to the Killarney Agriculture Society going into capital expenses at the ag grounds on the south end of town.

Tickets are available at Lewis & Jones, as well as at the door.  

"I'd like to invite everybody for Saturday, May 4th at the Shamrock Centre," invites LePoudre. "Doors open at 5 and the action starts at 7 pm!"