The shelves are full once again at the Boissevain Food Pantry, thanks to the students of Boissevain School and the generous residents of Boissevain.

Food Pantry volunteer Melanie Knight says they were thrilled to see the students come to the Food Pantry with bags and boxes loaded with non-perishable food items.

"We are so thankful for all the food that came in on Tuesday night," shares Knight. "There weren't that many breaks because the kids just kept coming and coming and bringing more food!  We were able to sort and put quite a bit of the food on the shelves that night, but there's still a bit to do."

"We filled so many shelves!  It's just so awesome!" she adds. "We're so thankful! The students were so happy and so excited to help. It was such a blessing to just see the joy on their faces that they were able to do something to help."

Boissevain School Principal, Landon White, says he is very proud of his students and staff who took the lead on the October 31st food drive, an annual event on October 31st.

"Our student government led by Mrs. Laing and Mrs. Adams do a great job on organizing these kids and giving them opportunities to be involved in the community," he explains. "So, it was our student government, students and both varsity and JV girls' volleyball teams, if I'm not mistaken, were all involved and it's just a great way for our kids to get involved and help people in need."

Principal White says going out on the evening of Halloween to ask for food items for their local food bank 'flips it on its head', the idea of asking for food items rather than asking for candy and treats.

"We would have had probably a couple of dozen kids, and I know Mrs. Laing was out there with them, and moving the food into the Pantry after they collected it.  She's always a really good support in helping those kids do things that they might not normally do on their own. And giving them those experiences and those opportunities, I know she takes that passionately."

"It sends a really good message to our students," add Mr. White, "plus it lets them experience that message as well and see it firsthand." 

"We're just so thankful for the community we have," shares Knight. "We are so blessed, and we are now able to help so many families.  We appreciate it so very much!"

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