Water management was highlighted in Tuesday's provincial throne speech.

Agriculture Minister Ralph Eichler commented on the Manitoba's water management strategy.

"We learned fast in regards to how we should be managing water with the drought in several parts of the province last year and how we managed those waters, so that we have a reliable source of good reliable safe water to drink and feed to our livestock as well," he said. "Critically important that we get it right. That's going to be part of our overall water management plan, which we've invested a million dollars in so far."

The throne speech also stated that the Manitoba Protein Advantage Strategy will not continue to attract investment unless water is guaranteed for producers and processors.

"Livestock need good water, plants need good water. When you think about pea protein, they don't like a lot of water, so we need to manage that as well," noted Eichler. "That ties in with our green plan in regards to tile drainage and other methodologies, at which we're going to use for making sure we have the water in the right place and manage it in a sustainable way for the future as well."

On Wednesday, the governments of Manitoba and Saskatchewan announced a renewed Memorandum of Understanding respecting water management between the two provinces.